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ITA.Tea & Infusions

Italy Tea & Infusions Association

Tea Trade and Tea Professional Association* / Accredited Training Body

* Under the Italian Law 4/2013 on Liberal Professions

Like all great things, we started small. We took a few like-minds with a shared vision—and ran with it. Today, we’ve grown into something big.

Areas of activity

We only do 3 things: Services, Events and Training. And we try to do the best. For over 16 years

Professional Services

It's no secret—we love our work! But for us, real job-satisfaction comes from helping our members and partners to achieve great results. We do so with great dedication, expertise and reliability.

Culture and Events

Dal 2004 cambiamo il modo di consumare il Tè in Italia. Attraverso la Cultura e l'Informazione. Istituzioni, organizzazioni, imprese, si sono rivolte a noi per l'organizzazione di Eventi di successo.

Training and Education

We provide an integrated, comprehensive and progressive Tea & Herbal Infusions educational training and certification through tea classes, tea seminars, tea conferences and tea media. 

Tea Professional Association

ITA.Tea & Infusions is the only Tea Trade & Tea Professional Association in Italy, and the only national body able to issue Certificates of Professional Competence under the Italian Law 4/2013 on liberal professions for all Italian professionals working in the Tea Industry.

Tea & Infusions. This is what we do

We are the first and oldest Tea Association in Italy, and today the only national Tea Trade and Tea Professional Organization


Tea is derived solely and exclusively from the tender shoots of varieties of the species Camellia sinensis (L.) O. Kuntze and produced by acceptable processes for making a tea infusion suitable for consumption as a beverage.

Herbal and Fruit Infusions

HFI materials are plants or parts of plants that do not originate from the tea plant and are intended for food use by brewing with freshly boiling water. They also include blends of HFI with tea as a minor component.

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Professional Tea Sommelier™

The newest and most coveted career in the global tea industry today

A Comprehensive Course for Tea Professionals

The Firsts in the Tea World. Since 2004!

Tea Made in Italy Triumphs in China

Tea is the oriental beverage par excellence, but who says tea can not also be Made in Italy?

We are in Piedmont region in the province of Verbania, situated in the north-west of Italy, on the border with Switzerland, at the foot of the Alps.

International Tea Partners

At ITA.Tea & Infusions, we believe in synergies and teamwork

Intergovernmental Group on Tea

International Tea Committee

Tea Industry Committee of China

Tea Board of India

Sri Lanka Tea Board